The Danse Society? Who knew?

I was browsing through some John Peel ‘Festive 50’ shows that I randomly downloaded and was captivated by a track he played in 1983 by the Danse Society.  I’d never heard of them,  but they are contemporaries of and fellow travelers with New Order, the Cure, etc

But they seem to be a missing link between a bunch of different styles — Punk, Goth, New Wave, and even U2 at their grindiest. But they seem to have their own thing going on — songs like “We’re So Happy” sounds like Blue Monday era New Order, if Ian Curtis still sang for them.

Seduction: The Society Collection – The Danse Society  at

I have been realizing for a while that there’s just too much great music in the world. I do my bit, but I can never even begin to listen to it all even once. Hell, I don’t have time to listen to all the music I already own.

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