How hard to add backround to header in WP Blog?

I am having to learn all sorts of things I should have learned long ago, like PHP, CSS etc in order to mess around with the appearance of this blog. One thing I’d like to do is be able to modify the appearence of the header of the blog. In particular, I’d like to put a background image in the header.

This leads me into a maze of twisty PHP+CSS, and I am not afraid to admit I don’t know how this is done. There’s a headerimg entry in the style sheet, there’s a header.php file as part of the theme, but … but …

Help a brother out?

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  1. You should get the firebug firefox extension b/c it lets you inspect each element via mouse and then shows you the code it came from.

    just turn firebug off when you’re done coding cuz it’s a memory hog.

    ps add house soup to your blogroll

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