My personal health update

I only post this because there are a few people who actually care and it’s easier than contacting them individually…

First: I feel fine. My elbow is fully healed and in fact seems to work better than the un-operated-on left elbow.

Second: I’ve started working with a trainer as part of a University-Sponsored Wellness program. I’ve only ‘been to the gym’ 3 times so far but it’s not as painful or annoying as I once imagined it to be. It seems to have had an instant, marked effect in improving my blood sugars.

Since I should lose (conservatively) about 20% of my body weight, this is going to be a long haul, but I’m going to give it a shot. The idea of a crippling and possibly fatal disease concentrates the mind…

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That’s good news! I recently started going to the gym again as well. It’s good! I haven’t done any routine running since I was a child and I’m loving it. G’luck!

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