The End of Endpoint

After my last post, and a few more days of free-floating annoyance, I took the plunge and uninstalled EndPoint. Instead I put on AVG Free. Everything about AVG Free feels faster and less intrusive than EndPoint, and it did find all the same virii on the few infected files I had laying around. And when you turn off real-time virus protection, it freaking stays turned off!

And if you Symantec Endpoint Computer Performance, my blog entry is the top result. If you google Symantec Endpoint Performance the top result is Symantec FAQ answer about computers becoming slow after installing Endpoint.

Let it be known, that none of their suggestions would really help anyone not working in the managed corporate Endpoint environment.

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AVG is very lightweight and unobtrusive but unfortunately it has a fairly awful record when it comes to actually detecting viruses. I did a fair amount of research on this a few years back after we had been using AVG at work and it came out really poorly against most of its competitors. There’s a few free alternatives. I’d suggest Avira’s AntiVir.

Oh, and we went with Kaspersky at work, for whatever that’s worth. Nod32 came out pretty well too IIRC. At work now we use ForeFront, which leverages multiple scanning engines.

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