Micachu Filthy Friends Mix Tape

Micachu is a sort of next big thing-esque young woman from London, whose soon-to-be-released debut album was produced by veteran nutter Matthew Herbert. The songs on the myspace page remind me of Blectum from Blechdom, having some of that duo’s manic ridiculous WTF-ness, though Micachu hold things together more. Blevin Blectum’s album “Magic Maple” is perhaps the high water mark of musical WTF-ness; it’s the first Slits record as heard by someone on a jimson weed trip.

Micachu isn’t as deliberately obtuse as Blevin, but she’s not afraid to embrace the chaos, as she does on this ‘mix tape’ which features some of her London fellow travelers. It comprises some Grime cuts, occasional vocal interjections from Micachu, mashed together found voices, and musique concrète.


I’m not the first person to link this, but I did put it on my own server so you won’t have to poke around on the myspace page to find it or go to a megasnotload type site. You’re welcome!

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