The Financial Disaster Article We’ve All Been Waiting To Read

Matt Taibbi explains the financial crisis, finally

I am not a big Matt Taibbi fan, in general. He is a snarky, cynical jerk, whose favorite rhetorical strategy is argument by the smug assertion that he’s smarter than everybody else.

But in this RS article he finally gets it right. He takes his own self-regard out of the picture and instead focuses his righteous anger on the people that are actually responsible for the mess we’re in. Forthwith, I’m instituting a moratorium on calling him a balding frat boy who needs a sock in the kisser. Well after that last sentence I am.

What really depresses me about this article is that it describes a continuation of a problem with how the US Government works. You can see this in Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, and now the financial sector: First, some amoral smart-aleck makes disastrously wrong decisions about the best way to serve our country’s interests. Then, once the consequences of those wrong decisions start to blow up in our faces, we put that same fucking arrogant shithead in charge of fixing it, because he somehow gets away with claiming that he’s the foremost expert.

And every step along the way, said arrogant shitheads find ways to enrich themselves and their cronies at our expense, with no regard whatsoever for the damage they do to the world. Jesus Fucking Wept.

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[…] I wrote about Matt Taibbi’s article about the current financial crisis the other day, and some people I discussed it with thought Taibbi was long on the rant and short on the facts. This article says substantially the same thing: the high flyers in the financial industries have taken over the economic and political system, and we have to take the country back from them, or we’re well and truly fucked. […]

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