LiveJournal Readers can now post comments on LJ

As per <lj user=”optic”>’s suggestion, I’m no longer forcing anyone to go to my blog to post comments. In a perfect world, the comments would get pushed both ways, but that would require WordPress and LiveJournal to cooperate in ways they do not, and would probably end up being a mess of cross-posted spam.

So knock yours elf out, as we like to say on chat. I would welcome it if you click through and do your comments on the blog itself, but it’s not a big deal either way.

And on that subject, why a blog and not just a Live Journal? Three reasons:

  1. LiveJournal is a world unto itself. It’s great in so many ways, but having a LiveJournal is different from having a blog. A lot of people use RSS aggregators that don’t bother ever looking on Livejournal.  If you post something on a blog you show up in Google searches in ways Livejournal Posts do not.
  2. WordPress is things that LiveJournal is not, like a content manager and web page editor.
  3. Because I can.  I’m paying a not-insignificant amount of money for a web server and domain, might as learn some of these newfangled web doohickies. Of course PHP hardly qualifies as newfangled any more.

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  1. one advantage to LJ is that it has a “previous entries” button that allows you to view posts that were made before the 20th of the month.

    okay. that sounded rude, sorry. i could have picked a nicer way to tell you there was a navigational flaw in your blog.

    more seriously and less rude, i don’t read blogs because i don’t feel like going to individual sites.

    i also like the social aspect of LJ.

    anyway, i have no idea what your LJ name is because it’s not listed anywhere here. if you care to add me as a fiend i’d be happy to add you back and read your blog. midwestern electronic music people need to know each other.

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