Bunker NYC Show I wish I could go to

Bryan Kasenic, a super nice guy who booked me twice to play at the late lamented Halcyon in Brooklyn, continues to be involved with arguably the best electronic music nights in New York City.  This latest one for next weekend is a completely amazing lineup.  I buy a lot of music from Boomkat, and the line-up is heavy on some of my favorite Boomkat finds.  No mistake that Andy Stott and Claro Intelecto release records on Modern Love, the Boomkat in-house label.

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  1. You can not go to that show for free Tom. This isn’t North Korea!

    I hope we can continue to get along and disagree completely about some music.

  2. it’s not even that we disagree on music i don’t think. i don’t love Stott or Intelecto, but i don’t hate them either. just a lineup like this to me seems to be nothing but similar styles all night long. maybe i’m just getting old, but i need wide variety in sounds.

  3. I agree with you on the issue of variety in an line-up. but I’m familiar with all of those artists and they don’t sound the same to me at all. Claro Intelecto is tech house bangers, Stott more dubby, Guillaume is percussion happy, Pangea is in that crack between dub techno and dubstep, and Ezekial Honig is minimal without being mnml.

    A phenomenon I’ve noticed is that if you’re not familiar with a style of music, you don’t hear the differences that an afficiando would pick out. I would be disappointed if I went to this night and it was all the same. Unfortunately, I’ve noticed a phenomenon where some parties where I thought the various people playing would play very different stuff than each other, but they end up sounding samey because of some kind of group-think about what the dancefloor wants.

    I saw Jeff Mills, Sven Vath, Carl Cox, and Richie Hawtin at a big event at the Zephyr Arena in Paris, and naively thought I’d see some variety in what they played, but it seemed like they all had the same idea about what a French crowd would want from a techno party, and there wasn’t a dime’s worth of difference between them all night. Good thing we bullshited our way in for free!

  4. see, to me these guys are all in the “serious” end of dubby house/techno related stuff. that shit is cool obviously, but only for a little while. this is why i love the kinds of deejays i do, they play across the board. obviously these guys don’t all sound exactly the same, but there really isn’t much variety. who is gonna play some jazz records? what about 80s pop? what about some Strictly Rhythm records? i honestly can’t stand to listen to a deejay who plays an hour and a half set in one style anymore. a whole night of pretty much similar vibes? it would drive me mad.

    and i am not someone who can’t pick out differences in substyles and shit like that, but if you have to be that much of a techno nerd to appreciate the night i guess i feel like that is a failure. i think that dance music is populist when done correctly. i know i get labeled a purist, but that’s by people who don’t hear me deejay or see what nights i choose to go out to. maybe it is living in pgh where no one cares enough to differentiate between styles that are so closely related, but people react well to diversity pretty much everywhere. and that was the name of the game when techno and house started!

    as for the night in paris, those guys are all “big name” techno deejays. i guess right now you would at least get a different set out of mills from the others, but at one time they all mined the same drummy big room techno records. of course mills kind of invented that, but they all definitely shared some aesthetic even if they came at it from slightly different angles.

  5. I was kind of considering going to this until I saw where it’s taking place. Studio B is such an awful venue. I hate hate hate it. One time I was there and they wouldn’t let me take a rest on a couch because they said that section was closed off. The venue was maybe at 1/5th capacity. I was so annoyed.

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