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The Continuing Twitter Mystery

It’s like if a bunch of your friends all of a sudden started getting into Scientology. I hate to be the gazillionth person to say “I don’t get Twitter,” but I don’t get Twitter.

I will say this, it seems like 2 or 3 people a day start following me on twitter, even though all I do is post links to this blog as tweets.

And what actual adult ever aspired to ‘tweeting’ as a serious endeavor? And if you really want to get down to serious WTF, according to the Internets, Jennifer Aniston broke up with John Mayer, because he tweets too much! It’s not WTF, why did she dump him, it’s WTF, you’d rather tweet then hit that? Jebus!

And while I’m ranting — if you’re crossposting your tweets to Livejournal, you’re just annoying me. Some of my dear internet friends do that, and no offense intended, but the last thing I want from any of y’all is your out-of-context replies to @pathetic_shutin.

And when people start doing that @reply bullshit it turns me off to Twitter even more. It’s like listening to half a cell phone conversation, only when people talk on the phone, they usually give you some fucking clues in their half of the conversation as to what’s being discussed.

They dont call him Tweety for nothing
They don't call him Tweety for nothing

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People follow you on Twitter because they live in Twitter, so they prefer to see your blog posts pop up there, rather than in an RSS reader. That’s a good thing.

Why tweet? Why not just blog? I prefer tweeting to blogging because whenever I try to blog something, I spend an hour doing research and copyediting. When I write a tweet, I’m forced to boil it down.

On my web site, I display my tweets along with my rare diggs and Delicious bookmarks and my occasional blog posts at FriendFeed handles the aggregation.

Eventually, I’ll set my own web site up for blogging AND tweeting (i.e. “microblogging”). Real Soon Now.

I agree that @replies are unfortunate: I use @replies to get the attention of the person I’m replying to and other people who care about that thread, but Twitter spams all of my followers with those replies, whether they’re interested or not.

Trouble is, I also use @ to link in tweets. When I mention “@eff,” it’s just to avoid saying “” But Twitter doesn’t differentiate that from replies, so followers get both. A separate mechanism would be nice. Maybe something that addresses the “Short URLs considered harmful” meme going around the inkernets right now.

If you’re John Mayer you can hit all types of class-a ass and jennifer aniston probably isn’t much of a catch!

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