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Vermont Passes Gay Marriage: Look Forward to Gayple Syrup!

The dominos are falling. We’re up to 4 states with legal gay marriage, and I think there’s a good chance Prop 8 will be thrown out eventually by the courts in California. I expect even more states to go this way over the next few years.

A big factor will become evident after several months of legal gay marriage in Iowa and Vermont. Once it stops being a headline, people will see what a non-event it really is.

And while State Constitutions vary wildly in how they deal with Equal Protection, the Iowa ruling is a pretty powerful precedent for any other state with Equal Protection clauses in their constitutions. I’m sure the Lambda people are all over this already.

But the fact that the sky isn’t falling is a hard argument to refute. The real obstacle to this change taking place everywhere in the US is that older Americans just can’t get their head around Gay marriage. An overwhelming majority of people under 40 have digested the fact that being Gay isn’t a crime or a sin or a perversion. They’re over the Gay thing — it’s just something people are. The older folks who aren’t swayed by facts or logic on this issue are going to have to die off. Not to put too fine a point on it.

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