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If it isn’t hardware, don’t fake it up in 3D Studio

I’m linking to this product without any particular enthusiasm Black Magic Loop Creator.

What irks me is this image:

How many times have I seen a pic like this and thought ‘ooh cool!’ only to find out it’s imaginary? Just fucking stop it!

What’s even worse, when I first see certain pieces of actual hardware, (e.g. NI Maschine) they look like 3D Studio renderings, or actually, the pictures they release of the REAL objects are FAKE 3D Studio renderings! It makes my brain hurt.

One reply on “If it isn’t hardware, don’t fake it up in 3D Studio”

As someone who works for a hardware company, it’s a lot faster and easier to export rendered images from whatever program that drafting guy uses than have me photograph the item.

OTOH, when dealing with consumer-oriented products you sure want to have a picture of the real thing because you’ll -authentically- be using the box, right?

It bugs me when they do this for cars more than gear.

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