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Rolling Stone Prejudice Against Anything Un-Rawkish Abides

Rolling Stone still thinks Lou Reed’s Metal Machine Music is Controversial?

Really? Hasn’t it always been blindingly obvious that “Metal Machine Music” is not intended as listening music for general audiences? I thought this was all settled canon law a long time ago.

I am especially puzzled by all the people showing up and then leaving. Did they think he was going to play them lullabies?

There is an audience for noise music. Not a huge audience, but a genuine, enthusiastic audience. One that responds viscerally and emotionally to the music, in addition to the people who have intellectual, academic reasons for why it’s valid. The point is, there are many writers Rolling Stone could have sent to the MMM show that would have brought some sympathy and understanding to the event. Instead, they sent someone, apparently, who just got done sucking Fall Out Boy dick or something.

If you ever wanted to know why Lou Reed is so rude to US music journalists, this review is exhibit A. They aren’t even fucking pretending to try.

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