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Paul Stretch (extreme audio time stretching) for OS X to download!


It has links to a more recent build, the PPC build, etc.

Yesterday I couldn’t spell OS X Developer and now, I are one!

With some help from my friends on the CMake mailing list I finally got a running standalone OS X application built out of the Paul Stretch source. As I wrote yesterday, it’s free, it’s easy, and it makes hours of freaky soundscapes out of any audio file.

Except for mp3 files. If you try and load an MP3 file it locks up. Oh, and it wants WAV or OGG files — as far as I know it can’t load AIF files. But it’s free, right?

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Hello Kent Williams,
I’m trying to compile Paulstretch for Tiger for weeks. I really LOVE this software and I would like to use it in my next concerts.
Like you I’m not developer. And I’m in despair : your osx version doesn’t work on my powerbook G4! Is it a leopard version ?
I suppose you’re probably not interested in making an os 10.4 version, so I can propose to try it myself with xcode. However could I try this with the help of your files ? I didn’t know how to do directly from the source code. But perhaps I can succeed from a good starting point… (a friend from ubisoft game development help me even if he didn’t know mac)
Well, thanks a lot for your work. I’m waiting for your answer, and I’m open to all your requirements.
all best,

Sylvain — I can’t find an e-mail address for you on your website. If you send me an e-mail — to chaircrusher at gmail dot com — I will e-mail you the files I used to compile with — it should work no problem on Power mac — though real time performance vs Intel might suffer.

Hey there,

I have downloaded the software (which is fucking amazing btw) but when I choose a file to render into and render the stretched sample, it doesn’t appear in the file I have selected. It doesn’t appear anywhere at all!
Do you know why this might be?

Thanks :)

hi, I’d like a PPC 10.4 working version too. no Intel Mac here.
Unfortunately can’t do it on my own :-(
Would you be so kind to help?

I don’t actually know how to build a PPC version on the system I have access to. If you install the Apple Developer Tools, the scripts I wrote will work — the only prerequisite is to have the compiler and libraries installed on your system.

Sorry I can’t be more help; one odd thing is that when i originally did the build scripts, I wrote Paul e-mail about it and he never got back to me…

Best thing I can suggest is to ask around for a programmer with access to a PowerMac…

Got this running on leopard but the sound glitches loads a I can’t render the file? Any ideas folks.. Really want to get this going

@Shifted — I don’t really provide support ;-) It can’t read or write mp3 files, which it says it can. It should be able to write AIFF and WAV files OK.

#1 I’m not a OS X Wizard, so I have no idea.
#2 I’m not Paulstretch support person, it’s free software, no warranty express or implied
#3 I never tried running the software on any other OSX box besides the quad core xeon mac pro, so I have no idea how well it runs on e.g. first generation mac pros.

I used paulstretch a while ago and remember a PC-looking-like-GUI that I ran it on my G4 PowerBook,
I dont know what version that was but I am sure it is still out there …

Cant get it to work with tiger on intel machine running 10.4, I assume doesn’t work with tiger even intel version mac? can anyone confirm this? Thank you


Thank you for your generosity to make this sofware available for the mac community. I have a 10.4.11 (with Intel Core 2 Duo). Is it possible to use your mac version of the Paul extreme time stretching?

Thank you for your attention


If you have an intel mac you can run the windows version of paulstretch either in parallels or bootcamp

Wow, thanks for doing this. I heard that Justin Bieber thing that’s making the rounds and tried this on one of my own songs. It sounds so lovely — and glitchy, I suspect, because I back-converted the song from MP3 to WAV as my original masters are on a network drive.

I can imagine lots of really useful applications of this for the kind of music I make. You rock, sir. :-)

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no werkie. staticy noisy artifacty results.
needs more attention to be deemed usable.
nice attempt though

This worked great for a while, but then suddenly started glitching. Which made no sense…

I finally realized that for me, it was only glitching when playing back through the internal speakers (macbook pro). With speakers or headphones plugged in to the headphone jack, playback is smooth. I hope this helps someone who is as confused as I was.

Thank you for porting this software to the mac!

Hey Kent,

Thanks for doing this. Works great for me. Mp3’s & aif files are loading just fine.
You can now call me sigur ros.

This is dave olson from back in the day by the way. Hope you’re doing well. It was nice to stumble into you on the interweb.

i’m running on tiger- its not opening, does it not work on tiger?
i just downloaded the app, i have no idea what i’m doing.

I am not sure where to begin with compiling the code. Would someone be so kind a to point me in the right direction? Intel base PowerMac here, OS X 10.5.8.

I am having trouble wheneber I load a file It’s allways scratchy when I play the file in any speed.

Hi fellow users: I’m a bit of an audacity tinkerer (but not very advanced), working on an OSX 10.58.8-using Intel iMac, and would love to know how to get this program to work, to expand my skills and play around with what sounds like a great program. Unfortunately it doesn’t want to open any .mp3 or .wav files that I output through either quicktime or itunes. Is there some installation trick I’m just not thinking of? Some format or file prep? Actually, it won’t open anything. I can barely even navigate the 2-button menu. I’m apparently that lame. Any advice welcome, thanks.

Had the same problems, re rendering, on my Mac, but eventually figured it out… When you come to render your chosen file, do the following:


Does that make sense? You have to name the file before the render button becomes active.


I had the similar glitching problem on my macbook pro unibody 10.6.8. Seems to be much better going through soundflower and then into Logic or Ableton to listen and record.

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