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Paul Stretch (extreme audio time stretching) for OS X to download!


It has links to a more recent build, the PPC build, etc.

Yesterday I couldn’t spell OS X Developer and now, I are one!

With some help from my friends on the CMake mailing list I finally got a running standalone OS X application built out of the Paul Stretch source. As I wrote yesterday, it’s free, it’s easy, and it makes hours of freaky soundscapes out of any audio file.

Except for mp3 files. If you try and load an MP3 file it locks up. Oh, and it wants WAV or OGG files — as far as I know it can’t load AIF files. But it’s free, right?

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fucking astounding .. it amazed me that you made a truly beautiful sounding time stretching Algorithm which seems to use very little CPU .. yet.. abletons sounds horrible and uses loads..


props to you sir ..stretch ..

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