Quicky Track: Dirty Effing Techno

Every so often you just gotta let loose. This track took me about 45 minutes to make from a standing start. Inspired by buying Scanned Synth which seems really good at making harsh, dirty sounds. Add some drums, some effects, and I jammed it out live in one pass. I undid a couple of loser fx moves in Live, and rendered it out.

So this is some Dirty, Monkey Fighting, Monday To Friday Techno.


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i like this. that dirty synth is pretty fuckin dirty. my only qualm: the kick drum doesnt KICK enough. that shit should be banging it so hard shit be falling off the desk when i play it through my computer speakers. otherwise, this might be my favorite of your tracks!

Finally able to download the mp3 – the track’s dirty and it rocks. Are all the sounds from Scanned Synth? Did you use it as fx too? I haven’t tried to figure anything out about how the synthesis works, but I love the raw sound.

TOM> The kick to some extent gets limited by compressing the mixdown. I could go with a dirtier kick and push it up in the mix a bit….

ARP> Scanned synth is the one synth sound. Drums are all Live preset sets — theres a 909 kit and some latin percussion patterns, but the percussion patterns are going thru the UA-Audio Nigel guitar amp/fx plugin.

i don’t know that the kick needs to be dirtier necessarily, it just needs to be more substantial. try tossing everything but the kick onto a bus and compress that and lay it overtop of an uncompressed kick and see if you can make the kick thump that way.

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