In which I confess my shameful love for some Progressive tracks

Exampla Gratia: Francois K’s remix of Coldplay’s “Talk”

I know how wrong, or “wrong” it is to like Progressive House tracks. But sometimes I can’t help myself. It’s almost as wrong as liking Coldplay. Liking a progressive remix of a Coldplay hit? I may lose my techno dude membership card. And yet, it’s freaking Francois K, and the man is a genius. I was on a tear on EBay a few years back buying anything he mixed or edited, and he obviously did some quick chop ups for cash, but you can’t deny his SEMINAL roll in dance music.

I’ll really be drummed out of the corps for loving this track too, but it’s a love that dare not speak it’s name. Plus the video is fucking funny:

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