Laks Recordings: Estonian Techno, Who Knew?

Laks Recordings is an Estonian Techno Label who e-mailed me out of the blue and sent links to their two latest releases. They’re worth checking out — the Egobomber EP is delightfully all over the place, miles from anything else I’ve heard lately. Imagine someone taking the template of soulful Detroit Techno and messing it up with lush euro strings and worldless female voice.

[audio:] EgoBomber “Fall Of Planet Esoteria Pt.2”

Not feeling all the Kaupo stuff — a little too fond of odd FM squaks — but “Ohtud” is pretty sweet.
[audio:] Kaupo “Ohtud”

You can buy their stuff on Juno Download. I haven’t heard it yet but Minivliner’s “My NY Wiener” has a grand title going for it.

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