Epic Laundry sample set?

Guy taps and bangs on stuff in his laundry room, releases sample set.

It’s worth listening to the audio examples. It sounds exactly like you’d imagine — washing machines getting tapped, thumped and slammed. I sampled the water sloshing in my washer years ago for a track; this is precisely the sort of thing you should be doing for yourself, not buying a sample set.

Though I wish this guy well. Everything sounds very well recorded and he spent extra time with Kontakt programming to make them cool. But really, isn’t it a REQUIREMENT that you sample junk around your house for yourself?

In that unwritten book of rules for electronic musicians, that is!

2 Replies to “Epic Laundry sample set?”

  1. Ahh nice.

    Your comment about the requirement is so true to me. I got a recording kit a year ago and I’ve started developing a closer relationship to the sounds I was recording and archiving. Then adding them into a track provides me with a completely different meaning.

    Although, I’m not sure what difference it makes to the listener. a clink is a clink! :)

    1. It’s your clink, and it might only matter to you. The very act of making the sampling personal means something. The listener might not hear the difference but it can lead you to different places than pulling up a patch from a sample library.

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