Daily Iowan Fail Day 2

This is going to come off as petty and self-serving, but what’s a blog anyway if not petty and self serving?

Anyhow, the University of Iowa’s paper of record The Daily Iowan, had a front page story about second hand clothing stores doing well in the recessionary economy.   This is the article every newspaper prints when there’s an economic downturn, so maybe not ‘news’ so much as ‘oft-visited story idea.’

What annoys me is that my wife owns The Second Act, a consignment used clothing store in Iowa City, that has been around for twenty-five years.  Not only been around, but arguably the first store of its kind in Iowa City that wasn’t a dump.  The article lists all the used clothing stores in town except The Second Act.  This notwithstanding the fact that the Second Act has been in several Daily Iowan articles over the years, and is even an advertiser from time to time.

I don’t mean to bag on Chris Clark (who wrote the article) for forgetting The Second Act.  The Second Act is out south of Highway 6 in Iowa City, which for a lot of University Students might as well be somewhere past the rings of Saturn.  I blame the editors, whose job it is to ask questions like “If you’re giving a list of businesses, have you checked to make sure you’re not missing someone?”  That’s a pretty basic rule for small-town newspapers, one that apparently slipped the DI’s mind.

Second Act A41.15.qxd (Page 1)

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