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NI Komplete blown out at $399?!? What does it mean?

So this NI Komplete Special is definitely the talk of the music production blogs today. It’s a great deal IMHO, but it raises some questions…

Q1: It kind of makes everyone who dropped $1200 on Komplete recently feel like a chump, doesn’t it?

Q2: Does this mean NI is hard up for cash?

Q3: Is this an indication that NI is no longer as relevant as it once was?

Personally I use all the NI stuff much less than I once did. I paid for Reaktor and several upgrades, before I started getting NFR review copies — the only instruments I don’t have are Massive, Absynth, Elektrik Piano and Akoustic Piano. Those might justify buying Komplete, but like a lot of people (I think) who have started doing most their work in Ableton Live, there aren’t a lot of reasons to go beyond the instruments built into Live.

The Live Instruments are by no means the be-all and end-all of virtual instruments, but they’re good enough to get the job done, especially when you’re putting something together whose musical charms aren’t primarily a matter of sound design.

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It’s an insane deal, and I’m wondering exactly what NI’s goal is. Is it better to acquire customers who will pay for upgrades? Or do they just want to sell some stock off for some other purpose?

It’s super-tempting just cuz Reaktor is $449 – everything else would be gravy. A LOT of gravy. Possibly too much gravy.

“there aren’t a lot of reasons to go beyond the instruments built into Live”

i can think of one: to ensure that your shit doesn’t sound just like everyone else’s.

@pipecock — it goes without saying that the cool kids do their own sound design. You only sound like everyone else if you never stray away from the presets.

And for that matter, there are sounds, e.g. electric piano, where the notes played are more important than sounding ‘different.’

Bringing up Live is a good point – I’m still on Live 5, and an upgrade to Live 8 Suite is $379 – or $459 for the boxed version with EIC. Personally I’m a bit turned off by the 65gb of samples that Komplete involves – I’d much rather something like PianoTeq instead of Akoustik Piano.

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