Health Care Reform: What To Do So You Don’t Get Fucked … Again

Someone twittered This interview by Bill Moyers with Wendell Potter of Cigna. Quick summary: they make their money by denying sick people care. They spend millions of dollars to prevent meaningful health care reform.

Everyone needs to be lobbying their Representatives and Senators to force them to do something real about health care in the United States. If we don’t threaten to toss their sorry asses out of office if they don’t, nothing useful will get done. The insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies and doctors and for-profit hospitals will continue to dictate the terms of how you receive health care. And even though they are theoretically in the business of helping others, they do not care about you. They care about their profits, and about maintaining the status quo.

It’s important, when the talking heads are throwing up a smoke screen and trying to say there’s a ‘debate’ about health care to remember some simple facts about how things work in the United States:

1. We have the most expensive, least effective, and least fair health care system in the industrialized world.
2. There is no debate about universal health care. A solid majority of Americans want it.
3. The people who are fighting to keep it from happening are not your friends. They’re not a reasoned, loyal opposition. They are the people that bankrupt sick people and let them die, in the name of making a profit.
4. The people complaining about the cost of universal health care are being disingenuous. We’re already paying through the nose for NOT having universal health care.

It’s a complete cliche to trot out Edmund Burke in a blog post but I’m going to do it anyway: “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

We elected Obama to, among other things, fix health care, but he’s just the President — he can’t do it alone. Every one of us has to be an active proponent of fixing the system, or it won’t get fixed.

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