The rise of the Dubstep-esque artist album…

First there was Martyn’s Great Lengths, which I was 50/50 on, even thought all his singles were very good. Then there was Falty DL’s “Love Is A Liability”, which is pretty much top to bottom brilliant.

Comes now Clubroot, whose self-titled debut full-length recalls the South London melancholy of Burial and the more pastoral longing of Boards of Canada, without being at all derivative.

And on top of that comes Blasta‘s new album “The Incredible Adventures Of Kenzolika & Quetzalcoatl Among The Air Castles” is all over the damn place, throwing dubstep, jazzy house and two step into his stylistic blender.

What makes these CDs work in ways that e.g. House or Techno Artist albums do not is that Dubstep is just a starting point. While some of the more mercenary Dubstep producer write to formula, these guys amalgamate influences from all over, and never do exactly the same thing twice. Just as Burial never really makes ‘proper’ Dubstep, these guys seem to find their own particular way to mash up all sorts of break-oriented musical styles into something varied and interesting you actually could listen to front to back.

Clubroot “Talisman”

Blasta “Your Dub Delay”

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