Miscellany – Food, Computerz, Carz

1. Steamed artichokes tonight, I guess now is the season, they were great. Discovered a new garnish for dipping — Squirt a bit of Sriracha sauce into Hellmans Mayonaise (or Best Foods to you left-coasters!). Insane good. Also: recommended by the cute checkout womanl at New Pioneer Co-op — thai chili paste in Mayo. For the record — ALL the checkout women at toe Co-op are cute.

I’m going to Farmer’s Market for Tomatoes and such in the morning, and Tomatoes with spicy mayo sounds amazing.

2. Wild Turkey in dark roast coffee with your favorite whitener. Who knew??? I think it’s possibly better than Irish Whiskey.

3. I had my first experience with bad RAM sticks. They was name brand too! The computer would work until it got warmed up and then start rebooting any time I tried to run a program. The generic sticks from the local computer shop worked better than the fancy ones from New Egg.

4. Pursuant to the above, anyone who wants a nice Intel Motherboard for Socket 775 (i.e. Core2 Core2 Quad, etc) I have a spare now.

5. Wasted a lot of time at the Toyota Dealer today looking at a Cash for Clunkers deal. Settled on a car, and asked the guy how much he’d knock off to close the deal, and he said 500 to 700 off. I countered with a $1000 and he said “I’ll check with my manager.”

Well then he left and came back and looked it up on the computer and said “well there’s only $700 mark up on the car so I can’t go a $1000.” I said “OK” and he went to talk to the manager. He came back after 5 minutes and said “we are limited on Corollas, they’re the most popular Cash For Clunkers car, so the best I can do is $100.” I said “see ya!”

WTF? I know Corollas are popular but I’ve never had a deal vanish like that. Complete Bullshit.

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