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Pace Copy Protection — Still Bullshit After All These Years

I built a new computer.  I installed Windows XP SP3 on the new computer.  I install my working set of music software plus a few other essentials.  Everything works perfectly.

Except for 2 packages of VST plugins.  Every VST host application stalls when it tries to do the initial plugin folder scan.

I’ve been getting good support from the software vendor in question, who I won’t name for several reasons.  What it comes down to is that PACE has for some obscure reason decided my installation of the Operating System doesn’t meet it’s standards. Apparently, by preparing an XP disk with the service packs and device drivers — the process known as slipstreaming — confuses it.

What’s more the vendor of the plugins says that they can ask Pace what the problem is, but Pace won’t tell them. I’m a big fan of this plugin vendor, but I rate using Pace CP as one of their least good ideas. Pace is famous for fucking people’s computers up, failing to work, and generally being a pain in the ass. I’m just the latest in a long line of law-abiding customers who have been prevented from using the software I’ve paid for by a bunch of thugs peddling an idea that is long past its sell by date.

Motherfuck Pace and John Wayne.

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