Apple’s Blind Idiot Genius

So I downloaded the new ITunes last night, and tried out the Genius playlist feature. It is kind of amusing. First thing — it doesn’t know obviously, but it does a pretty good job if a track is in it’s database. For example if I chose Martyn’s “Vancouver” it puts together a playlist which is pretty much all dubstep — Scuba, 2562, Boxcutter, TRG, Burial, Blackdown, etc…

But I tried it on DJ Pierre’s “Box Energy”, and it starts out kinda OK — it grabs a couple Phuture tracks, some disco like Loleatta Holloway’s “Love Selection”, George Krans “Din Daa Daa”… but then it starts adding MGMT(?) Radiohead(??) , The Shins(???), Muse(????) and finishes it off with a healthy dose of Bloc Party.

As it happens, I at some point added my son Lucas’ ITunes library, as it existed about 3 years ago, so there are some things I don’t normally listen to. What the playlist really says is “OK here’s some old dance tunes, but dood that’s so 1989… let me play some shit I like.”

One of these things is not like the other!

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