This is a ‘forgotten draft post’ — something I started writing and then for some reason never posted… so enjoy it 4 months late!
[audio:] Amongst a certain sort of musician, the big news this week was Native Instruments’ release of a new Reaktor-based effect called “The Finger”, programmed by Tim Exile. “The Finger” is rather like Sugarbytes Artillery 2: each key on the MIDI keyboard triggers a different audio effect. Artillery 2 was there first, but Exile’s work has it’s own brand of craziness and creative possibilities stemming from the fact that it is a Reaktor Ensemble. The Reaktor-ness comes into play because you can create random presets, morph between two presets, or go in and tweak up exactly the sort of combination of effects you want to have on hand. This track is based on exploring the possiblities of Finger.

  • Playing a drum loop in battery and processing through The Finger, and recording the output.
  • Once I’d recorded the Finger’s output, playing that recording back thru The Finger, further messing things up.
  • Adding several recordings of The Finger’s output to a Live track, and using the legato trigger mode to allow me to flip quickly between the different recordings.
  • Once I’d added a more straghtforward drum track and synth sound (from the Dave Smith Mopho), jam out an arrangement live, which also includes drum patterns being run thru the Finger (with the Finger being manipulated with recorded MIDI clips).

The result is kind of messed up, but fun.

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