The Republican Party’s War On America, and the Quisling Who Wants To Become One

Rep. Parker Griffith of Alabama leaves the Democratic Party.

To whom I say “good riddance, fucknuts!”

I honestly don’t know what the Republican Party is for, for either meaning of ‘for.’ Its only purpose is obstruction of the will of the majority of Americans, and the only thing it really seems to stand for is a cartoonish sort of know-nothing atatavistic backlash against reality.

While the Health Care Reform Bill(s) that have been passed, and whatever will be eventually signed in to law is a Sausage of Biblical Proportions, you have to be a moron to oppose it, for a few what should be blindingly obvious reasons.

  • Universal Health Care works.  Look at the rest of the Industrialized world.  Moreover they manage to afford it and still compete with our economy successfully.  Furthermore that Sci- Fi- Keerazy, Insane Communist idea, the Single Payer System,  works better than our system, as near as our neighbor to the north.
  • If it isn’t perfect, it’s not like a contract with the Devil for your soul.  It can — and will be — changed as many times as enough of a consensus large enough to move the whole congress exists.  So you won’t probably won’t be able to kill it any time soon, or probably ever.  Face it, our system of government is designed to keep people from doing outlandish things impulsively.

Honestly I’d love to debate an intelligent, open-minded Conservative about this, and many other topics.   But where am I going to find one of those? As I’ve said before, American Conservatism is a coalition of the cynical and the deluded.  An example of cynical? John Boehner, who only stops sucking Corporate cock long enough to talk complete bullshit. An example of deluded? Anyone who is a fan of Glenn Beck or Sarah Palin.

Those are people that can’t participate in any sort of meaningful debate, because I don’t have even consensus reality as common ground.

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