Jan 2010 DJ Mix

Been a while since I did a mix. The proximate cause for doing this one is my fascination with Cooly G’s tracks. I wanted to juxtapose her stuff with tracks that, to me, sound like percursors to her sound, in particular Dinosaur L’s “Go Bang” (for the trombones and ESG’s “Moody” (for the stripped down funk). The opening track I had to play after hearing it in Four Tet’s Plastic People mix. And someone mentioned Azymuth on Twitter…

So the overall emphasis is on UK Bass styles with some other stuff thrown in. I had to do crazy things with tempo to get the last track to fit, but that’s kinda fun too.


1. Jackie Mclean, Michael Carvin De I comahlee ah
2. ESG Moody
3. Cooly G Let U Deep
4. Benga & Coki Night (Geeneus Remix)
5. Cooly G Dis Tribal Boy
6. Golden Parachutes Chaorta
7. Cooly G Weekend Fly
8. Martin Kemp Aztec
9. Greena Tenzado
10. Joy Orbison BRKLN CLLN
11. Dinosaur L Go Bang (Francois Kevorkian Mix)
12. Azymuth Carambola
13. Sigha Hold Your Heart Up To The Light
14. Quark Patagonia
15. Riton & Primary 1 Radiates (Joker RMX)
16. Headhunter Mad P’s
17. Monolake Infinite Snow
18. Sclist Crude
19. Spatial 90729
20. Hyetal Neon Speech
21. Lil Wayne I Feel Like Dying (Flying Lotus Remix)

One thought on “Jan 2010 DJ Mix”

  1. hey crusher,

    this is a hot mix. cooly g got me too. i am hooked on her stuff. but this is what a mix tape should sound like. thanks for the inspiration.

    shake shakir

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