Durban To Detroit To Chicago To London DJ Mix

In keeping with my new-found enthusiasm for South African Dance Music, this mix is heavy on stuff from Durban, with some detours to at least 2 other continents and an island nation….
[audio:Chaircrusher-DurbanDetroitChicagoLondon-DJ Mix.mp3] Mix.mp3
This is mostly live from my 1 hr radio substitute slot from last tuesday. Since it was recorded as a Live session I couldn’t resist changing a couple of things — in particular the last track is at 65 bpm and the previous one was at 140, so I jacked the 140 track up to 170 to match it, which wasn’t pretty. So I got rid of that weirdness and just mixed across an ambient intro, so that both tracks are at their natural tempo.

Anthony “Shake” ShakirArize
Cndo feat. Big Nuz DJ Tira DJ Cleo & Professor6 Pack
Black Coffee feat ZakesJuju
Chip ETime To Jack
Darque Presents NompumeleleoSpirit Of Ubuntu
DJ CheezeAfro Fever
DJ SdokoPelele
DJ Twitty vs DJ ThaniDurban Rush 2
RoskaFeeline VIP (Pioneer Bass Drop Remix)
Cooly GDubplated
ATKI2 & DUB BOYTigerflower (Grievous Angle Remix)
Liaisons DangereusesPeut-être… pas
RoskaClimate Change
HyetalIce Cream
PangaeaDead Living
Daega Sound SystemsKane’s Son
James BlakeAir & Lack Thereof
ANSAlways Sharp
Loops HauntImpact Omnihammer

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