Dennis Coffey And The Detroit Guitar Band

Dennis Coffey was (and is!) a true son of Detroit, one of the few musicians to score instrumental top 40 hits. An associate of the Funk Brothers, he’s someone you should dig. He even is responsible for one of the famous hip hop breaks, the “Scorpio Break” from the song of the same name.

[audio:] Can You Feel It
[audio:] Taurus

I know we all occasionally make a fetish out of vinyl records. But aside from the considerably groovy content of this release, I love the sonic texture the 45RPM Thrift Store Vinyl adds to these recordings that I did last night.

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My first post-college gig was as a LAN serf at a technical publishing / graphics shop in the Detroit area. Working as a technical program director / writer there was none other than Mr. Dennis Coffey. I’d heard the name growing up but wasn’t at that time familiar with his music, other than probably hearing “Scorpio” as a kid and not knowing who was behind it. I remember him bringing in a gold record at one point so that one of the creative department guys could remount it. :)

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