Putney Bloody Putney

I just received 10 brand new patch pins for my EMS Putney VCS3. In honor of that I’ve recorded a 5 minute experiment. You’re hereby given permission to sample this under a Creative Commons Non-Commercial Attribution License. Meaning you have to have written permission from me to sample it for commercial purposes, but it’s free to use for any non-commercial purpose.

[audio:|titles=Putney Jam #2|artists=chaircrusher]

This was recorded straight into my Focusrite Saffire Pro40, and then compressed slightly with UAD-1 LA2A, and normalized/limited using the Izotope mastering limiter. Being able to patch with 20 pins makes for even better mayhem — feedback paths, meta-stable modulation, and multiple source ring modulation.

While I’m at it there’s this from a few weeks ago:
[audio:|titles=Putney Jam|artists=chaircrusher]

And this from several years ago:

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