Chakachas “Jungle Fever”

Picked up this album in Santa Cruz, on the strength of it actually having a track called “Chica Chica Bau Bau” — like the cliched porn music sound everybody makes on sitcoms.

Turns out, “Jungle Fever” was a disco hit in 1972, though at 96 BPM it feels glacially paced by today’s dance music standards. So I did an edit, which turns out, isn’t an original idea — even Louie Vega got in on that. Ironically, “Chica Chica Bau Bau” doesn’t sound porny at all but “Jungle Fever” is a stone cold Dirk Diggler porn jam.

The Original [audio:|titles=Jungle Fever|artists=The Chakachas]
Chaircrusher Edit [audio:|titles=Jungle Fever|artists=The Chakachas]

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