New Chaircrusher Track “Amber Waves”

[audio:|artists=Chaircrusher|tracks=Amber Waves]

Had a track on the back burner, when i downloaded the ArgotLuna granular delay effect VST plugin. Slowed it down 50BPM, put ArgotLunar on the pad synth, and there you are.

Argotlunar is pretty cool — I like especially automating the number of active grains because you can take it from a simple pitch shifted delay to a dense cloud with the twist of a knob. I adjusted the pitch shift to 1200 cents, which pushes the delayed grains up an octave. Due to the control resolution, it’s not precisely an octave which is actually better….

The main drums come from Audiodamage Tatoo. The other sounds were things I sampled in my studio and chopped up.

The name — “Amber Waves” of GRAIN — I kill me. It’s also (I just found out) the name of a porn star in Boogie Nights

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