Waking The Dead — Kickass Sound Design

Waking The Dead is a BBC Crime Drama that I watched a lot of last weekend. It is basically the UK version of “Cold Case” but is a lot less gimmicky and a lot more hard-boiled. It’s not quite Prime Suspect but it’s rather good.

I usually watch TV and pay attention mostly to whether I enjoy it, without a lot of deep interest in the craft of how it was made. But I watched the first 2 minutes of the Episode Deathwatch and the sound was so badass I backed up and played it again. Every detail of how this is put together — the slamming of doors, the sliding of the cabinet between the waiting room and the gallows room, the occasional sub-bass drop added for drama, and most of all, the faint, subliminal bird calls in the background.

I heard this and immediately thought ‘there’s an entire track in those samples!’


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