Again with the Granular Synthesis — Granite VST

New Sonic Arts has come up with a new granular synthesis tool they call ‘Granite.’ It is similar to many other of the granular synthesis tools, and yet has it’s own unique sound qualities.

This was announced last week and I ended up listening to the demo samples on loop for quite some time. It seems to be tuned to very musical throughout the entire parameter space, which is rare. Chief among the improvements I can imagine are filter types other than low pass, and an integral delay effect to go with the reverb. But since one can effectively do that with effects elsewhere in the signal chain, it’s a minor thing.

A brilliant feature of Granite is that aside from the usual free-form sound mangling one associates with granular synthesis, it’s set up to be a VST instrument you can play from a keyboard or synthesizer. Obviously with some sounds that can be more conventionally musical than with others, but it does come up with unexpected and pleasing sounds.

[audio:|titles=Granite Tabla|artists=Chaircrusher]

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