My Children’s Treasury Of Helpful Misinformation — now downloadable/printable

I drew a book for my niece Lucy for Christmas 2007, based on an anecdote from her mother Tessa: Tessa was in a bookstore in Park Slope Brooklyn with my niece Lucy, who was two and a half years old. Lucy tells Tessa “Mommy, let me read to you!” So Tessa sits down with Lucy, Lucy holding a random book. Lucy began to read with the title “American States In The Thirties and Forties.”

So I decided to write that book, and fill it with as many lies and as much misinformation as I could muster.

Today I took all the scanned images and stuck them together in Word and made a PDF file out of them, the better to print out or browse through on a computer.

Lucy's Favorite Page
Lucy's Favorite Page

It’s still available as individual images on

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  1. Actually, it was weirder than that. Lucy pulled a giant, dusty, unmarked book out from the bottom shelf of a used book store, and Tessa asked what she was “reading”, and Lucy replied “The American States in the Thirties and Forties!”

    To this day, we have no idea where she would have heard any of those words, and at that time, she certainly didn’t know what “thirty” or “forty” was…

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