And another thing: The Islamic Center near Ground Zero.

Should I be surprised that the same people who are scared to death that black folks might get over on them, feel that an Islamic Center a couple of blocks from the WTC site in New York is, as Sarah Palin so vividly termed it, a stab in the heart?

Let me just say this: If you feel that way, I can guess some other things about most of you:

  • You’ve either never been to New York City, or have only visited briefly.
  • You reflexively dislike New Yorkers as too liberal.
  • You really think there’s something sinister and threatening about Islam.
  • You have never spent any time at all learning about Islam, not even as little as visiting the Wikipedia entry for the religion.

Which leads me to this conclusion: You are operating from a position of complete ignorance, and you need to stop watching Fox and spend some time learning about Islam. You know less than nothing because you know a whole bunch of things that are just not true.

As-Salamu Alaykum, dumbasses.

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