People want to intervene militarily in Iran? Really? What are they basing that on — how well that has gone in Iraq and Afghanistan?

I’ve had co-workers, college room-mates and friends from Iran. Iran is a highly educated, literate, and in many ways progressive country. They are currently under the thumb of a toxic, criminal regime. But if you attack Iran, you’re not just attacking the government. You’re attacking and killing people who you want on your side, people you could be friends with, people whose lives are as valuable as your own. You’re making enemies out of friends.

Let me repeat:

If you attack Iran, you’re not just attacking the government.

Sure the government is a bunch of assholes, but in the long run, being assholes isn’t a sustainable strategy for governing. The Iranian people will figure out how to fix their country; anything we do will just make things worse. Killing innocent Iranians make the United States no better than the Basij. And at least the Basij have the balls to do their dirty work up close and personal.

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