United Airlines Sucks


My sister got married on May 1st. We flew out April 29th and United Airlines lost my bag.

Well ‘lost my bag’ is incorrect. More accurately, through negligence they allowed it to be stolen. We had a tight connection in Denver — we would have missed the flight except the two flights were at adjacent gates. So our bags were put on a later flight. My bag did arrive at the San Jose Airport — it was scanned coming off the plane. But apparently the delayed baggage clerk just left my suitcase going round and round on the carousel until it disappeared.

I had to spend $800 dollars on all new suit, clothes and toiletries in order to be in the wedding.

I filed a claim for the lost bag upon our return, and United acknowledged receipt of my Claim on May 11th. I just today received an E-Mail saying that they’d given up looking for my bag.

I just got off the phone with the Service Center somewhere in India. They said now that they’d given up on my bag, they’re going to send me a letter saying what they’re going to do about it. I asked to be told in person what they’re going to do about it, and the guy can’t or wouldn’t say. I asked for a phone number for United Airlines baggage service in Chicago, and he said “there isn’t a phone number for the public.”

Leaving aside the fact that United has chosen to employ people in India instead of the United States to handle their customers’ problems, let me say this: It is reprehensible that they use the poor Customer Service Reps in India as a shield. They have designed their system so that no one here in the US will have to answer to their customers directly.

The people in India on the phone are, I’m sure, wonderful people with families to support. It isn’t fair to them that they’re the ones subjected to the anger and frustration of customers. It isn’t fair to their customers that they are prevented from speaking to anyone with the knowledge and authority to resolve their problems.

And most of all, it’s offensive to me that United Airlines doesn’t deal promptly with lost baggage claims. They know exactly as much about what happened to my bag as they did three months ago, but they wait three months because … because they’re United and they don’t give a fuck.

And never once have they apologized to me for their inability to keep my luggage from being stolen. Their attitude seems to be “hey, shit happens, and we’ll reimburse your for your loss … someday. Maybe. In the mean time talk to this nice man in Mumbai, or STFU, doesn’t matter to us, we’re not listening.”

Fuck United Airlines. I will never fly United again if there’s any other choice. I will pay extra to avoid giving those cocksuckers any more money.

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United is the airline that screwed us trying to get back from Hawaii when Erica was 7 months pregnant. we hate.

All airlines and major corporations are the same these days mate. It’s a sad state of affairs but thats what happens when you’re economy is founded on the basis that profits have to go up every year to meet the approval of the investors who actually do no work whatsoever. The system is broke and it won’t be fixed until every economy in the world has been exploited to the point it revolts.
Why do you think China is the international corporation darling? A country that wants to make a profit exploiting its people and keeping them under control with a fake shroud of “communism”. Yes please. They are like something from a movie, where a military general runs a small South American island through fear and violence so he can profit from drug trafficking. Except the small island is actually the largest country on the planet!

Well, another reason to add UAL along side Leeds and Manchester as the “Damned United” I remember seeing my dad lose a suitcase full of items, including gifts to the united baggage zone, as did my Uncle Dale, Aunt Betty, Cousin Sherri…. Even the ticket man at Walker Field (Grand Junction, by the way) commented on the “United Loss”.

At least your tried to be fair to the “Man in Mumbai” who is not directly responsible. But I agree we need to trash-bin all of this damned outsourcing before we give the hate groups any more reasons to grow.

So far I have been fortuante with UAL (I prefer Southwest), but I also make bloody sure I am wearing the best change of clothes on my back and stuff all of the valuable items in my carry-on bag, which is small and it resides under my feet, under the seat in front of me on both take off and landing!

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