Vote Republican? Yeah that will work.

I keep hearing on TV that the ‘Generic Republican’ has a 10% lead over the ‘Generic Democrat’ in polls. Apparently, because the President and the Democratic Congress haven’t found the magic wand to cure all the problems our country faces, they’re going to vote for Republicans.

Because Republicans always do a good job of governing, because they have the interests of common man at heart, because they have a firm grasp on the real facts on the ground, and how to build consensus on how to move forward as a nation. Because they would never inflame racial and religious hatred, make unrealistic promises about tax cuts, start hideously expensive foreign wars on the basis of paranoid fantasy. Because they respect our privacy, our right to free speech and religion.

Yeah that will work.

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I challenge you to point at a single reasonable, moderate Republican that has any interest in doing anything other than obstruct the Obama administration’s attempt to pull us out of the tailspin the Bush administration and the Republican congress put us into.

Further I challenge you to name a single progressive — that is ACTUALLY IN THE GOVERNMENT — who is currently doing the same things that the Republicans are doing. You can always find a wild eyed bomb thrower on the fringes of any political persuasion. But when it comes to the Republican party that’s who is in charge these days.

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