The Republican Party: Party of Death

The Republican Party, and the conservative political philosophy centered around it, is, contrary to their loud chest-beating about Freedom and the ‘sanctity of Life,’ centered around death.  Why do I say this?  Consider their positions:

  • Wants to fight a multi-front war against Islamic terrorism.  With little real chance of actually stopping terrorists, Republicans supported the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and wouldn’t mind attacking Iran in the bargain. Perfectly OK with sending young people off to die, killing innocent civilians.
  • Passionate about the right to bear arms, no matter the real cost of gun violence. Wish their were fewer restrictions on gun ownership.
  • Against safe, legal, abortion. Would rather force women who are desperate to terminate an unwanted pregnancy be forced to find unsafe, illegal ways to end it.
  • Against comprehensive sex education, especially anything that teaches about safer sex. Not bothered by resulting teen pregnancies or the spread of sexually transmitted diseases
  • For the Death Penalty. Loves State-sponsored murder, even if it has no deterrent effect, costs more than life without parole, and means wrongly convicted people could die.
  • Against assistance for the poor. Apparently, wants women to be forced to have babies they can’t afford, and doesn’t want to help the children of the poor with nutrition and medical care
  • Against Health Care Reform. Even though we in the US pay more money for inferior outcomes than the rest of the industrialized world. Even though medical problems are a leading cause of bankruptcy and people losing their homes.
  • Don’t believe in Global Warming. Skeptical of doing anything substantitve to reduce the use of fossil fuel. Apparently doesn’t care about the megadeaths that could result if the seas inundate low-lying countries, reduce access to arable land, causes species extinctions, etc etc.

I could go on and on. I can understand and appreciate the core idea of Conservatism, which is to move forward with caution, preserve the best things about the past and the status quo. Even though I think Liberals have always been on the right side of history, I think there should be skeptical conservative voices to temper and critique Liberal policies.

Republicans and Conservatives are on a nihilistic death trip, wanting to do everything they can to make life worse for nearly everyone on the planet. And yet they find an ideological basis to think they’re doing exactly the opposite. Incredibly (to me) they are able to convince a third of the country that they’re absolutely right. Or Right.

Whenever we’ve made progress, it’s been in spite of conservatism, not because of it. The end of slavery, the 40 hour work week, Social Security, giving women the right to vote, ending segregation, gay rights etc etc. There isn’t a single expansion of freedom & fairness in our country that hasn’t been fought tooth & nail by conservatives.

What vexes me even more is wishy-washy American voters who want to give the government back to the GOP, just because Obama didn’t instantly fix every problem we face as a country. If you’re voting Republican, you’re riding with the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. You’re immanentizing the Eschaton. You’re wrong.

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