George Bush: Liar, Sociopath, War Criminal

Think of the children!

So this guy started two wars on the most doubtful of premises, and is responsible for tens of thousands of unnecessary deaths, tens of thousands of maimings, traumatic brain injuries, and cases of PTSD. And he sleeps like a baby. What do you call a person who is not affected by killings he is responsible for? A sociopath.

This may be seen as ‘extreme rhethoric’ but look at it this way: compared to George W. Bush, Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy and Jeffrey Dahmer were small potatoes. And as horrible as they were, they at least looked people in the eye before they killed them.

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Very true. Of course, I find the very idea that someone has published a book he supposedly wrote to be laughable in itself. In any case, America’s Village Idiot shouldn’t be even doing a book tour, he should be arrested and tried for mass murder and treason, and as we know, treason is punishable by death.

I don’t feel like the belittling comments about Bush ever did anything but harden the resolve of his supporters. It might be comforting to think he’s just an idiot who was manipulated by others. I think the truth is more disturbing — he knew exactly what he was doing and did it despite the consequences. Which is rather the whole point of my post.

And I’m against the death penalty. The fact that Bush practiced signing death warrants in Texas only made it easier for him to send Americans fight and die killing brown people.

I believe that the Bushes and others like them are more correctly labelled as true “Psychopaths”.
Psychopaths physically lack the ability to experience empathy. Countries are easily hijacked by them. Obama is also one, but even more dangerous than Bush, as he has far superior acting/bullshitting skills.

A very interesting book was written about these types of parasites:

I don’t know how you get from Bush’s form of un-self-consicous death trip to Obama being a psychopath. He, in my long observation, including pretty up-close encounters before the Iowa Caucus in 2008, seems like a pretty straight-laced, clean-cut guy who really wants to do good. If that’s bullshit, then everything’s bullshit and we might as well live like psychopaths too.

This is a continuation of a long battle of “normal” vs “psychopaths” that has been ongoing throughout our entire history as a species.

America was founded as a free country, liberated from the tyrants/dictatorships in Europe. But slowly these psychos have re-established control of American people (until enough people realize whats going on)

One indication of psychopathy is the ability to lie without breaking a sweat.

Obama’s campaign was largely funded by the Wall Street bankers.
And we have seen that he has been working for their benefit.
Many bankers were rewarded for the blatant financial fraud that was committed.

Also, During Obama’s campaign, he promised to increase oversight of warrantless government surveillance,
allowed under the PATRIOT ACT, that Bush introduced.

After becoming president, Obama immediately signed a 12 months extension without any changes.

Obama promised not to employ lobbyists, then proceeded to employ a shitload of lobbyists, who hold many of the highest positions in the federal government now.

You can find very long lists of broken (major) promises online. He reads very professionally from his teleprompter in order to appease the public.
He will say whatever is necessary in order to accomplish his objectives, which are set for him by others much more powerful (in the background).

IMHO, there are very few genuine good people in the US government, such as Ron Paul, who wishes to completely abolish the (private) Federal Reserve system.

thanks for this post. i came here looking for the extreme sample stretch program but i looked around a bit and read this post.

there’s a very fine but critical difference between “sociopath” and “psychopath.” i wish people were more aware of it. i agree in calling Bush a sociopath, but not a psychopath. psychopaths tend to get themselves filtered out of society by breaking laws and social conventions that society tends NOT to tolerate (first-hand murder, etc). frankly, sociopaths are WORSE than psychopaths for this reason alone. society tends to tolerate them (and i would argue that this is because huge populations of political and legal entities ARE sociopaths), so the damage is far worse. it’s also destructive to society at large instead of in small pieces (hurting the entire society instead of just a bunch of individuals).

oh, and screw the DSM-IV-TR for not delineating between anti-social personality disorders like sociopathy, psychopathy, borderline, etc… talk about politics, that “guide” is like a bible to people…

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