Happy New Year, Cooly Style

I like the tracks, but I like her command of Yardie patois as well:

New year… its here again 2 rassclart…kmt bout New Year! Nuttin nuh fuckin New… old debts, old bills, old job, old partner, old mix up, old car, old house, old settee, old frens dat owe u money frm last year, old new year resolutions yuh nuh keep, old fuckry wid di youts pon road, same old tired gyal dem, same old wutless bwoy dem, same old nah wash dread dem weh fraid a water like fire, same old tired weed weh lace wid crack, same old miserable old people, same old excuses from di stinkin baby fada dem weh smell like shit n nah look bout dem pickney, same old attitude from di sour cratches gyal dem, same old tear up draws, same old fem fresh dem nah use,..same old same old. What’s required is a New Vision, New drive, New purpose or a new fuckin planet fi good people like me & u…and this can come at anytime of the raass year!!… Yuh zeeeeeet… :)

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