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PaulStretch 2.1 is Out! New build instructions + new x86 OS X build

Please go Here for latest build!

Paul added a new library dependency, which I hacked into my build recipe here:

Instructions for building

I have a completely UNTESTED binary for people to try here. It should work, but I can’t test it right now.

If you’re not a command line jockey, just downloading and clicking on it will create where ever you dropped the downloaded file. If you know about command line stuff:

This is built on OS X 10.6, 32bit. No idea what OS X versions will run it.

21 replies on “PaulStretch 2.1 is Out! New build instructions + new x86 OS X build”

thank you so much, I downloaded the new build, it works so far, but I still want to be able to build it myself, I will try until I get it right, I appreciate your work and it has inspired me to learn, for that I thank you again.

I forgot to mention, it does work, but I get this when opening the .app:

Error: Could not open audio file:

with a “Close” button, press it and takes me to the main window.
Again, just mentioning it. Thanks!

That error message happens because OS X passes in some obscure process information on the command line when you run an OS X app. Paul’s program allows you to specify an audio file on the command line.

Thanks once again Mr. Compactor of Seating ;-) You remain as the great gateway keeper for us OSX users to this addictive app.

Working here (with above described caveat of initial error message) on late 2010 MacBook Pro i7/10.6.6

Thanks so much for this (especially for the binary build). It works on my MBP running Snow Leopard 10.6.6. Awesome!!!

Just wanted to let you know i used your build script to build for 10.5.8 and it works without a problem.

The Prebuilt binary you have does appear to work for 10.5.8.

Thanks for providing the resources to make this app :)


I’m downloading the untested binary and will try to run it on OSX 10.6.7.
I got the .app out of the package smoothly and the only question I really have is:
Was that “Open Audio -> Preview” supposed to show something when I select a wavefile? (apart from a nice big questionmark :) ) (or does that depend on what kind of a wavefile I throw at it?)
This tool works really well and I can’t wait to see exactly how much CPU this hogs and if I could have it talk via SoundFlower to a sampler of choice.
Thank you for making PaulStretch on OSX possible.

Crashing when I try to load it on 10.5.8 – MacPro. (The app that appears in a new folder)
Anyone else having this problem?

I’ve got the untested build above running on my MBP OSX 10.6.7 and when I play back inside paulstretch the audio is garbled at every playback length. I’ve used paulstretch on a windows machine in the past so I know what I’m hearing on the Mac is not correct.

What I’ve noticed (first time using this, haven’t used the PC version before) is dat even at 1:1 the audio sound very much reverbed. Is this what you mean too? Would love to be able to go from a basicly unprocessed version to a long-stretched one.

I do not get how to use this… This is my first time downloading it and it will not let me get songs from my iTunes…… I do not know what to do

wonderful. i have been filming slow motion collisions of sheet metal boxes with old high speed movie film cameras, and the audio side has really been pushing the digital sampling rate (even at 192kHz….) this has opened up a whole new world of slowness for me – SO APPRECIATED – now i can smash my boxes with their piezo sheets listening away, safe in the knowledge that i can stretch the fuck out of them and make it all sound smooth…..

hey man, thanks for this wonderful build! I used it quite some time with mountain lion without any problems, unfortunately with mavericks it seems like I cant use it with soundflower anymore, I get random hickups :( is anyone on mavericks too and has the same issue with soundflower? too bad, it was so nice to route it into logic :)) I would also pay to get that functionality back ;) thanks man!

I have no idea about what the deal is with Maverick. I don’t have a Maverick box yet. I’ll do a refresh build when I do.

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