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New Paulstretch OS X build

As software projects go, PaulStretch is rather a shadowy enigma. Since I did the initial Mac OS X port, I’ve had very, very sporadic communications with the author Nasca Octavian Paul about it.

Then there’s the issue of versioning. Paul started a github repository, but it hasn’t been updated since March. It’s currently at version 2.2.2, but the only difference between 2.2-2 and 2.2-1 is that the version number it reports has changed.

At any rate, today I did a new build which is 1) OS X 10.6 (forward compatible with Lion, but perhaps not backwards compatible to Leopard or Tiger) 2) Up to date build, incorporating all of Paul’s changes. I also spent some time playing with it to make sure it works properly.

You can download it here:

It also has the latest refinements of the build scripts used to build PaulStretch from source. I use CMake, which is Kitware’s cross-platform build tool. CMake keeps getting smarter, and my CMake recipe for PaulStretch will download all the prerequisite libraries, build them, and then download the PaulStretch source, build it, and generate an Apple App Bundle.

And CMake really is cross-platform — the same build recipe will work unmodified on Linux (which I have tested) and possibly on Windows (which I haven’t tried).

If you still have a PowerPC Mac, you can try using which a friend of mine built, but it isn’t the most recent version of PaulStretch.

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I love this software! Is there a way to build a version of Paulstretch that will work with
48 khz 24 bit sound files, or even 96khz sound files?
If not, is anyone else interested in pursuing this idea?
Thanks for making such a great tool available to mac users!

David, I’ve really not looked under the covers of Paulstretch at all; I don’t know what it uses for it’s internal representation; the reading/writing is done by the audiofile library. I just rebuilt with 0.3.3 (it was using 0.2.7) but I don’t know what that does for the file types it can read.

The program installed without any issues. Opening an existing file on my desktop seems to be difficult. Dragging the file into a program is great but this seems to require an address for the file and I have no idea what the address may be. Any clues?

i and a lot of electronic music makers) would so love it if you could port paul’s zynaddsubfx synth to os x!

could you please make a port of paul’s zynaddsubfx? i know a lot of people would be into this super unique softsynth that also uses some aspects of paul stretch under the hood…:D thanks again this is awesome!

I just wanted to say thank you so much for making this – I’m getting shivers down my spine listening to things.

I’ve taken a channel strip out of Logic Pro as a wav file and stretched it in PS. I then saved it from PS to my desktop. It sounded great when played from here. BUT, when I returned it to Logic Pro again as a wav file 44.1Hz it became amplified and distorted!
What’s going on?

I literally shat myself when I forgot to check if this had a Mac version when I moved over… you, sir… are a legend.

Thank you for releasing this. However if I’m not mistaken according to the license you have to release the source as well… not just the binary since paulstrech has a GPLv2 license…

hey when i stretch a file it makes all the audio coming from my computer sounds like it has static and once i close the program the audio on everything is fine again? how can i fix this?

i dont understand there is an error every time when i try to use a song from my itunes library:( need help

this sucks, i had the software downloaded and ready to go but as soon as i chose a song there was an error pop-up right away. the software seems really cool i just need it to work

Thanks for porting this nice, little tool for us on mac. Maybe I could port it by myself with a little help of my colleagues (developers), but you were faster. ;-)

Thanks and keep on updating it, if there´s a new version. If you want contact me if there´s a new version and we´ll post and host the download for for you, if you want!

Sebastian (Chief Editor, Chief Editor & Founder

At some point when I get a minute, I plan to make the OS X (and actually, all platforms) build system as a patch on the github repository for Paulstrech. I have hosting covered, thanks.

Thanks! Absolutely love using this without having to boot into Windows! Appreciate the port.

Hi, this is great, I rendered a file and it was clear. Now i seem to have an issue, I even deleted the application and re downloaded and its still there. There seems to be a very annoying and intermittent popping or crackling sound when i play the files, and i have tried many different files and file types and time stretches, it still seems to be there. Any ideas? Thanks


This is fantastic! I’d love insight into why the time-stretch features in DAWs I’ve used are so useless compared to this. Also, it would change my life if you could make a plugin version that could be used with DAWs and also make the parameters MIDI-controllable. I pledge to give you $50 if you do those things. Let me know.

Thanks, Forest

I don’t think the time stretch in DAW programs is useles. The one in Acid Pro and Ableton Live is quite good.

This is a different process, and in fact unique. And I find it quite crap for the sort of loop stretching you want to do in a DAW, 20 or 30 percent faster and slower.The attacks are smeared.

I am not the developer of Paulstretch, and neither am I up on plugin programming. If I was an expert in that I could probably make twice what I do now. Someone else will have to look at doing that. It’s open source so in theory, anyone could do it.

Hi, when I click on the download link I’m taken to your websites error page where I’m met with ‘Sorry Sam, I can’t seem to find that URL.’ and a bizzare and strangely charming 70s BBC screenshot.. has the download been taken down?
Cheers :)

Ahoy hoy,

The download link doesn’t appear to be working and I would chuffing love to have a copy of this marvellous gizmo. Any chance that the link can be repaired?

looks like the 10.6 intel build has been accidentally deleted — clicking the dmg results in 404 errors. any chance of re-uploading it? you’re the only hope for us mac users! really need to get this running on 10.8.4, since it was an important part of my old linux daw/workflow.

Dear all, I discovered this fabulous Tool wich works on my oldest powerbook 10.4.11 and alas now my new old computer 10.5.8 the old and new version of Paulstretch I found do not run with this system. Is there is anybody there who could give me a link of a version who could work without a noise of iterations during the processus ? Many, many thanks in advance for your attention to my request. Cheers, Franck

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