DJ Mix From KRUI 12-10-2011

I didn’t post this as quickly as I usually do after the show; part of the problem was technical issues, but most of it was the Holidays. At any rate, continuing a trend, I focused on a few new releases — full lengths by Sepalcure, Author, Pinch+Shackleton and Altered Natives. All of which are wicked good, you should give them your Christmas money. Also features a premier of my remixes for Peter Kirn who writes the well-known Create Digital Music & Create Digital Motion blogs.

Worth special mention: Cherie Pyne’s non-dance music track “Tender Steps” which is the closing credits music for the fantastic and fantastically depressing Canadian movie Crackie. I loved the song when I saw the movie; apparently the only way to get her music is to contact her directly — cheriepyn at gmail dot com. Cherie graciously sent me “Tender Steps” by e-mail. She’s also in the band Ledge’s Blast. She’s part of the whole separate musical world going on in Canada; I listen to the Canadian stations on XM Radio and often think that the Canadians that we know about in the USA aren’t necessarily the best, just the most ambitious and luckiest.

[audio:|titles=KRUI DJ Mix 2011-12-10|artists=Chaircrusher]
Sepalcure Outside
Cherie Pyne Tender Steps
Sepalcure See Me Feel
P.Kirn Change Of Shift(ChrcrshrRMX)
P.Kirn Anaxagoras(ChrcrshrRMX)
Sepalcure Carrot Man
HXDB & 3rd Eye Transpacific(Resketch Remix)
Altered Natives Loved By Few
Martyn Viper
Martyn Distortions
Altered Natives Galactic
Altered Natives feat. ESP Shake That
Altered Natives My Game My Rules
Altered Natives Wasteman of Love
Altered Natives Can’t Trust Myself To Trust You
Martyn Horror Vacul
Guy Andrews Shades
Martyn Popgun
Altered Natives good evening ladies & gentlemen, we are eventide astral
Lazer Swords Sounds Sane
Lazer Swords Klock
Cooly G + Simbad Landscapes
Pinch+Shackleton Room Within A Room
Cooly G+Karizma It’s Serious
Seiji Face Up
Sepalcure Me
P.Kirn Train 69(ChrcrshrRMX)
Martyn Bauplan
P.Kirn Oscilloclast(ChrcrshrRMX)
Pinch+Shackleton Jellybones
Seiji Frustratin
Klaus Pim
VIVEK Diablo
Author feat. Ed Thomas Turn
Author feat. Ben Glass Green Blue
Biome DMT
Pinch+Shackleton Cracks In The Pleasuredome

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