Windows 8 and Audio Performance: File History Kills!

I had Ableton Live’s audio get interrupted several times last night. The culprit was a nonsensical ‘warning’ to reattach my ‘file history drive.’

I had never set up File History, and certainly not set it up to write to an external drive. Grrr.

Anyway — turning it off.

Instructions on turning it off here.

I think it’s probably better to keep to a regular schedule of backups, rather than to have some mysterious background process periodically hosing up your audio performance.

And the Windows 7 backup is still available in Windows 8, they just hide it. I’m happy overall with Windows 8, but man they sure can make some strange decisions, and it sure seems like they don’t care one bit about hosing up real time applications like audio production and performance.

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my wife won’t buy a new computer because she has read so many terrible reviews of windows 8. can you make it look and act, for the most part, like any windows of yesteryear? can the ridiculous home screen thing be disabled and just regular desktop mode be used?

Yeah the desktop is there, I never use the ‘Metro’ applications. In general it is very good, slightly better performing on the same hardware than Windows 7. Just turn on Windows 7 backup instead of the Windows 8 File History.

I tried to run some audio applications on my new PC with an old Native Instruments Audio Kontrol 1, and gave up in the end due to the crap interfering with the real-time audio. The faster CPU would have been nice to use, but I’m sticking with my old macbook for production now. Less hassle. Not sure what the problem was but if it was file history I’ll take another look!

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