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November 2018 Mixtape

Derek Piotr and I were discussing mixtapes, so I decided to bodge one together.  This reflects what I’ve been listening to over the past couple of months more or less.

This isn’t a DJ Mix; it’s like a good old “John Cusack in High Fidelity” mixtape.  I overlapped tracks without regard for beatmatching, and applied a few fades.

Download link:

Meemo Comma – Meditation Tape
Vivienne – You are the only thing that is real
FRKTL – Prose Edda – 03 Hverfa af himni heiðar stjörnur
Jana Rush – Chill Mode
Kayla Painter – Sentimental Swagger
TAYLOR DEUPREE – For These In Winter
Ciel – Elevate (go off mix)
Anika – Panty Dropper
Toko Fuko – Yttrium
Ziúr – Deeform
Jlin – Blue i
Richard Devine Opaque Ke
Marcus Fischer – Loss
Sokar – Terminal Cognition
Cruel Diagonals – Disambiguation
Ignatius – Rambles
Noncompliant – Sameen
Chaircrusher – 11Drone

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