Universal Audio UAD-1E $99 CHEAP

UAD-1e Express Pack at AudioMidi.com for $99

Apparently Audiomidi isn’t the only place with this deal, but it’s an insane price. It lists at $499, and Audiomidi regularly has them at $299. At that price, you can buy more than one, and the drivers support up to 4 in one system.

This is a SHARC based hardware accelerator for running VST audio plugins. I tested both a UAD-1 PCI and a TCI Powercore for Grooves Magazine years ago and thought the UAD-1 was killer.

The End of Endpoint

After my last post, and a few more days of free-floating annoyance, I took the plunge and uninstalled EndPoint. Instead I put on AVG Free. Everything about AVG Free feels faster and less intrusive than EndPoint, and it did find all the same virii on the few infected files I had laying around. And when you turn off real-time virus protection, it freaking stays turned off!

And if you Symantec Endpoint Computer Performance, my blog entry is the top result. If you google Symantec Endpoint Performance the top result is Symantec FAQ answer about computers becoming slow after installing Endpoint.

Let it be known, that none of their suggestions would really help anyone not working in the managed corporate Endpoint environment.

My Day Of Living Dangerously

Yesterday I noticed two things: google searches were getting hijacked, and I couldn’t run certain programs, particularly cmd.exe and regedit.exe.

I always think that I can beat those fucking viruses and trojans, but 5 hours spent hammering on the problem with a multitude of programs, and a lot of google searching convinced me I needed to re-install Windows.

Luckily I had an unused SATA drive laying around, so I 1) Made a Slipstreamed SP3 Disk with motherboard and SATA drivers, fiddled around in the BIOS to get the new disk at the head of the boot order, and we’re off to the races.

What is gradually dawning on me is that when you have to install Cubase, Live, Wavelab, Reaktor, Pro-53, Kontakt3, FM8, Battery 3, Pluggo, Hipno, and a bazillion other things, it takes for-fucking-ever.

The upside will be having a much less garbaged-up windows installation on a much faster boot disk. And NLite is great; I didn’t get very fancy, but you can make a bootable Windows disk with every device driver necessary to make your system run, configure it to do an unattended install, remove components you don’t need from Windows, etc, etc, etc. And you don’t have to be a computer genius to use it. If you can figure out downloading drivers and unpacking them, you can use NLite. For people who support Windows PCs, it would be a godsend — you could make a disk image that has all the drivers you’ll ever need that will do unattended installs complete with network configuration and user management.

I don’t know if I can blame this on Microsoft, because according to what I’ve gathered in poking around on forums, you get this particular infection either from a Java or Adobe Acrobat exploit. It seems like Computer virii and worms are co-evolving with the software meant to control them, just like their biological counterparts.

And it was just my luck I see m to have picked up a new virus that none of the virus scanners can find and fix… or rootkit. Or whatever.

Right now I’m running the Kontakt 3 install, a deep virus scan, and Windows Update. The fun never ends….

Testing 4 5 6 …

Testing the Livejournal cross-post plugin. If it works, you won’t have to friend the scarycrusher feed on Livejournal if you want to see my blog posts…

And if that makes no sense at all to you, as you were!

Hewlett Packard Software Is Horrible

Tonight I wanted to print a mailing label for something I sold on Ebay. I didn’t have the printer driver installed for our HP6980, so I went looking for it.

I found it and installed it. It made me reboot and then did some more stuff after rebooting. But what it didn’t do, apparently, is install a printer such that I could print from applications.

So then, I went looking some more, and found that HP has a network printer wizard. Great! Downloaded and ran that, and it went off on an endless loop looking for drivers. Oh, and it mis-identified my 6980 as an ‘all in one’ printer, when in fact it is just a printer.

Finally, I tracked down the actual driver INF file in c:\program files\hewlett packard and the printer wizard was able to finish installing the printer.

But all that bullshit took me 90 minutes I’ll never get back, and I shudder to think what someone who doesn’t hack on computers for a living would do faced with all that Fail.

And to top that off, HP printer drivers install a shitload of resident programs and such, and sometimes those programs go haywire.

Why can’t they just WRITE A DRIVER that satisfies the OS requirements, and INSTALL IT SIMPLY with clear feedback to the end user about what it’s doing? They’re on the right track with their Network Printer Wizard but that software doesn’t actually work right, exactly.

HP used to be one of the premiere computer companies in the world. How the mighty have fallen! Maybe if they’d only given Carly Fiorina a half bazillion dollars to run the company into the ground instead of a round bazillion, they’d be able to hire some engineers that can write a fucking printer driver correctly.