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In which SoundCloud sends me a hilarious takedown notice

So today I got this interesting message from Soundcloud: Hi chaircrusher, Our automatic content protection system has detected that your sound “Rubber Duckie (Wub Machine Remix)” may contain the following copyright content: “Get Some Fruit (Wubstep Dubstep Remix)” by Anand Bhatt, owned by Favorecido Productions. As a result, its publication on your profile has been […]

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Digital Download Services — How Ugly Are The Licenses?

Consider Boomkat. They’re very specific about what you can do with them: put them on up to three computers, three portable music players, and burn on up to five CDs. They say that you permanently own the tracks you purchase, but at the same time they’re owned by Boomkat and the other parties involved — […]

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“Copyright Criminals” debuts on Independent Lens tomorrow night

Produced by my man Kembrew Mcleod who is a fellow contributer to Little Village and University of Iowa Associate Professor, and Benjamin Franzen, U of I graduate. Check the PBS for your local viewing time here. And here’s the trailer:

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Public Libraries — Trillion Dollar Menace to Media Industry?

Eric Hellman on the threat posed by public libraries It’s a joke post that stops being funny pretty quick, but it raises a question. If there were no public lending libraries and someone tried to open one, would they be allowed to do so? If it hadn’t been grandfathered in, would lending CDs and books […]


Au revoir, HBO

Apologies in advance any tortured, legalistic syntax. My Internet service at home was interrupted for a day because HBO alleged that I had violated their copyright by using Bittorrent to download the series “Big Love.” More precisely, as I found out in a letter several days after the fact, I’d — according to Mediacom and […]